Chaz Packan
I am officially running for the Republican nomination for County Council in 2022 here in my Home District County Council District 4!
It is time for bold conservative leadership that advocates for a government closer to and accountable to the people! We need lower taxes and less onerous fees and regulations in this County and district, I am asking for your support in this endeavor.
We can and we must restore confidence that the People of Frederick County control their government not the monied outside interest groups that don’t have the people of this district or County in mind. Thank You for your support and Prayers!
Donations Needed & Appreciated
This campaign will need a lot of help, both financially and through volunteers.  Getting the word out, and teaching the public how much better I can do than my competition is not going to be easy, nor cheap.
Please know that every dollar donated will help my campaign reach my goal and every dime or minute you can donate is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support!
What People Are Saying…
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Vote Chaz Packan for County Council and Help Restore District 4!